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Author: alex

Sharing the Joy of Reading

It is that time of year to lasso our favorite books and ‘round-up’ for The Cushman School’s 16th annual Reading Round-Up. Everyone, children and adults, were encouraged to dress in western attire! Our objective remains to create chances for parents to participate actively, and this

Keep your Kids Active and Engaged this Summer

Wow. That went by quick! It may seem crazy to think about, but the school year is almost over. It’s time to start planning for summer. One of the big concerns for educators at this time of year is how to help their students avoid

Cushman High Rocks!

Cushman High Rocks... And it’s no surprise, the School’s focus on infusing multiple performing arts opportunities into its curriculum ensures that students can develop skills or hone their talents as well as learn business aspects of the music and entertainment industry. Rock Ensemble Band Applause

Artist-in-Residence Leads Students in Meaningful Mosaic

This past school year’s Artist-in-Residence Carlos Alves led our eighth-grade students in a week-long creative process that culminated with this spectacular mosaic located off the Middle School amphitheater and lunch area! This impressive work of collaboration represents our school spirit and unity, despite the many

What Colleges Are Looking for In Students

As the application process to colleges and universities becomes more and more competitive, students are needing to find ways, in addition to good grades, to stand out. When all things are equal concerning a student’s transcripts, it’s often something else that helps set them apart

Students Pledge for Success

As part of Cushman’s curriculum that focuses on inspiring strength of character, primary and elementary students recite the “Pledge for Success” daily and students in all divisions refer to it often. The “Pledge for Success” reinforces Cushman’s commitment to helping students become responsible, empathetic and

Joy + Ambition = Success

Happy, motivated students dream bigger dreams and do better in school. This may seem like a bold statement but it’s proven by years of education and neuroscience research. We know that the human brain, especially the developing human brain, processes information better when it is