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The Academic Adventure

A Cushman Education

The Cushman School provides a well-rounded, spiraling and engaging  curriculum that consistently equates to success for our graduates.

Multi-sensory and discovery-based approaches to learning, coupled with integrated, project-based activities, begin at the earliest stage of development with our three-year-olds and are carried out through Cushman High School.

We continually evolve our curriculum to offer relevant, real-world applications to learning that truly prepare our students to become life-long learners and leaders. Our programming is appropriately challenging while always addressing the dynamic capacities of the whole child, socially,  physically, emotionally, and intellectually, as students transition through Primary, Elementary, Middle, and High School. Cushman graduates matriculate with confidence, poise, strong communication skills, and a solid academic foundation to accomplish their dreams.

The Cushman School Divisions

Pre K - Kindergarten

Primary School

Grades 1 - 5

Elementary School

Grades 6 - 8

Middle School

Grades 9 - 12

Upper School

Grades Pre-K-12

Laura Cushman Academy

Grades 6-12

Cushman Virtual

“We’ve been a part of the Cushman Family since Juliet started kindergarten at five years old. Cushman has surpassed our expectations not only in academics but, just as importantly, in creating, supporting, and enhancing the whole child. We are grateful to Cushman for Juliet’s education, as well as her awareness of the needs of others and service to our communities.”

– Valerie Dondero