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Love to Learn

Primary School

The mission of the Primary School is to develop happy, confident and creative thinkers who recognize their unique abilities and personal potential through meaningful play, developmentally appropriate and multisensory learning experiences, and a tradition of strong character development.

Your child’s experience in Primary School is the gateway to the rest of his or her  life, and we want our students to develop a love of learning from their earliest years. Cushman provides children with a strong academic foundation while ensuring they enjoy coming to school. In a “happy” environment where developing independence from their families and learning through play is a priority, we incorporate activities that are fun and engaging and appropriately challenge students to think and respond critically, responsibly, and creatively. 

Our culture at Cushman inspires students to learn to put character first on a daily basis so they become strong and successful people. At Cushman, the needs of the whole child, cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally are nurtured for optimal growth and development. We strive to develop students who are responsible, caring young adults who can make positive choices for their own lives and contribute to making their homes, schools, communities and world a better place.

Jill Sevilla

Jill Sevilla

Primary School Director

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Gain Independence, Engage in Exploration, Purposeful Play

The hands-on and individualized approach to learning that we take at Cushman allows our Primary School students the ability to develop math, language, science, and social studies skills through activities designed with creative problem solving, intellectual curiosity, and emotional growth in mind. Our educators provide students with as many opportunities to explore their environment as possible—something that we believe is essential to their development as individuals.

The Cushman School: Primary School

The Reggio Emilia Approach

Our multiage program for children aged three and four offers a warm, nurturing environment in which they can feel secure as they build social, physical, emotional, and intellectual foundations. Kindergarten students are placed in single-age classrooms where they receive individualized and small group reading instruction. Our STEAM programming fully engages students in developmentally-appropriate activities and utilizes technology to enhance learning experiences.

The Cushman approach to primary education is one that provides students with the space and resources to be compassionate and collaborative learners. Our curriculum aligns with the latest educational practices and theories, while at the same time staying deeply rooted in Dr. Laura Cushman’s philosophy. We have been successful for nearly a century in helping build good people who value the virtues of industry and perseverance, courtesy, empathy and compassion, and responsibility for oneself, one’s family, and one’s community.

“We want to recognize the dignity of our youngest learners and provide them with opportunities to explore the world around them at this time of rapid and critical development.”

– Jill Sevilla, Director of Primary School