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Financial Support

Scholarship and Financial Aid Options

Financial aid from The Cushman School Scholarship Fund can be awarded to both current and incoming families of students entering the first through twelfth grades.

Using information from the Financial Aid for School Tuition, (F.A.S.T) form, our Board of Trustees Financial Aid committee will determine your child’s eligibility to receive funds. To get started, simply fill out the F.A.S.T. form, which is available online at Scholarships are awarded annually and are primarily need-based.

Admission Inquires

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For your financial aid application to be considered, you must:

Have a current application on file for The Cushman School

Have turned in all paperwork required for the application process

Complete the 2024 FAST Application and uploaded the 2022 tax returns and all tax documentation including all 2022 W2’s and/or 1099’s. Also, upload all last paycheck stubs from 2023.

January Deadline

apply for financial aid for returning families.

February Deadline

apply for financial aid for new families.

Not only does The Cushman School offer in-house scholarships for students, but we are also proud to accept the Tax Credit Scholarship (FES-EO and the FTC) and we are a participating provider for the FES-UA Scholarship (Formally known as the Gardiner Scholarship) through Step Up for Students.

For more information on these programs log on to for the Tax Credit Scholarship & FES-UA Scholarship.