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Empowering and Exceptional

Laura Cushman Academy

A Division of The Cushman School

LCA in the Lower School (PK-5)

At the Laura Cushman Academy (LCA), we believe that all children can learn! It is our responsibility to provide a supportive and nurturing environment in which the magic of learning can take hold and our students can reach their fullest potential. The LCA is a specialized program within The Cushman School for students of average to above average intelligence benefiting from a small class setting with teaching strategies that target areas of challenge and specific learning issues. Students enrolled in our program are able to engage in a group without needing one-on-one support and have language skills to be able to connect and collaborate with peers and teachers.

Some children need additional support in academic areas such as reading comprehension or word recognition, the retention of facts and names, or math concepts. Expressing ideas orally or in writing or organizational skills may be areas where strengthening is essential. For both the student and their parents, any one of these issues can cause frustration if not addressed. However, in most cases, these challenges can be supported, and the rate of growth can be increased by focusing on the individual needs of the child. The LCA was designed to do just this.

What we offer:

Small class sizes

Individualized, personalized instruction.

One-on-one instruction 2x a week with a learning specialist

Group speech and language therapy

Additional focus on language organization

Group occupational therapy

Sensory regulation and attention to fine/gross motor skills

Techniques and teaching strategies designed for each students’ personal needs

Most students in the LCA have been recommended by a professional for such a program. The LCA environment is extremely nurturing; expert teachers and occupational and speech therapists work with students in PK3 through 5 grades on a daily basis.

LCA in Middle & Upper School (Grades 6-12)

Laura Cushman Academy classes continue into middle and high school in the form of small class sizes for English, writing, math and learning lab in the middle school, and English and math at the high school level. Students’ individual needs are met through accommodations, scaffolding and targeted instruction.

In the upper school our students thrive as they are equipped with the tools necessary to discover their individual strengths and weaknesses, self-advocate for their accommodations, and build connections with their teachers and peers. Our students can tap into their potential so that they graduate with the skills needed for college and beyond. Our team works with each family to find the appropriate college or university that is the best fit for each student.

What we offer:

Small class sizes

Individualized, personalized instruction.

Requirements for Admissions:


Recent (last 2 years) Psycho-Educational Evaluation

Meet with Admissions Team

Classroom Visit

Previous School Records

Teacher Recommendation Forms

Tracy Ross

Tracy Ross, Ph.D.

Laura Cushman Academy Director

Laura Cushman Academy Admissions

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“Our students engage in enriching activities that truly educate ‘the whole child.’ They also enjoy performing arts, visual arts, physical education and hands-on learning as part of every Cushman student’s learning experience.”

– Dr. Tracy Ross, Laura Cushman Academy Director