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Experiential Learning

Cushman In-the-Field

Through the integration of our academic curriculum into real life adventures, students make connections between concepts studied in the classroom and their applications to the world around us.

The Cushman School goes to Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Water Rafting

Water Rafting

The Cushman School in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

Marine Biology

Marine Biology

Every year, many of our students across all divisions embark on field trips. For example, our Kindergarteners will spend the day at Fairchild Tropical Gardens, our 4th graders travel to Lake Okeechobee and the St. Lucie Lock System and our 3rd graders go to the Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale… to name a few. These day excursions prepare our Primary and Elementary students for the extended overnight trips that begin in 5th grade and are a big part of the Middle and High School experience.

Our students in 5th through 12th grade embark on exciting, overnight field trips with their classmates. Not only are priceless memories made during these unique excursions, but these trips are an integral part of The Cushman School experience. Planned each year, these trips are a time of anticipation, excitement and growth for our students, as well as some nostalgic parents. It’s consistently one of the most memorable adventures our students share together in secure, age-appropriate environments.

Aside from being great fun, these excursions are significantly beneficial to their social, emotional and intellectual development. Each travel agenda has been created to complement our students’ academic curricula, but, by thoughtful design, these overnight trips also encourage students to leave the comfort of campus to experience what books and computers do not convey. They learn by doing and experiencing real life among the camaraderie of their friends and faculty. They develop confidence and independence away from home. These trips are extremely structured and highly secured to ensure the optimum safety and supervision of each student, but it only takes a look at the “Favorite Memories” section of our yearbook to validate how fun and meaningful these trips are to our students.

Our Student Explorers

Our fifth graders visit Marine Lab in the Florida Keys to snorkel the coral reefs, explore the mangroves and sail in the crystal bay while gaining a deeper understanding of our natural resources and learning about Florida’s habitats, ecosystems and history.

Our sixth graders head to Circle F Dude Ranch in Central Florida where they ride horses, kayak, zipline, learn about astronomy and nature; the many activities are designed for team building and achieving an educational connection with the outdoors.

Our seventh grade students visit Washington D.C. and spend time soaking in the history and functions of our nation’s capital.

Our eighth graders venture to the rainforest of Costa Rica to become immersed in the topography, ecology and culture of this country while applying their Spanish language skills.

Our high school students have traveled to Iceland to enjoy the unique topography of this varied country and meet with Climate Change scientists conducting work there as well as climbed Machu Picchu in Peru.