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Artist-in-Residence Leads Students in Meaningful Mosaic

This past school year’s Artist-in-Residence Carlos Alves led our eighth-grade students in a week-long creative process that culminated with this spectacular mosaic located off the Middle School amphitheater and lunch area! This impressive work of collaboration represents our school spirit and unity, despite the many different pieces in which it is comprised.

“It was like putting together a giant puzzle, each student contributing a unique piece.” – 8th Grader Shera Degwitz Krijger

“The process was so inspiring. Even though many students approached it differently, the final piece came together so perfectly.” – Nora Siegel, 8th Grade Student

Bringing professional artists to campus to work with our students has been a long-standing initiative for Performing Arts Director Ms. Lisa Herbert and Upper School Director Mrs. Jennifer Geimer. The results of this type of hands-on, experiential immersion continue to benefit and inspire our entire school community.