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Leading the Way

Welcome from the Head of School

It is my belief that a great education occurs through strong partnerships between students’ families, Cushman’s professional faculty and staff, facilities and a community of experts.

In partnership, instilling in our students a strong work ethic, a sense of joint and personal responsibility toward oneself, the school and community, and unfailing courtesy and kindness contribute to developing students to their fullest intellectual, creative, social-emotional, physical and spiritual potential. Within this process, the continued application of research in the field of cognitive neuroscience, Multiple Intelligences Theory and Habits of Mind, and understanding and addressing the individual learning differences and needs of students in a personalized way, lead to happy, engaged students who become life-long learners.

Many speak about the future of education but that the future is here. The impact of globalization requires an unprecedented educational landscape. We, at Cushman, know this and are leading the way in this transformational journey. Withstanding the test of time of the past 98 years, the roots of our beloved School remain strong with Character always placed first.

Arvi Balseiro Welcome to The Cushman School

While continuing to evolve, we know that to truly educate and prepare students for a different world that requires agility, flexibility of thought, and creative thinking, the cultivation of students’ entrepreneurial mindsets is a must. This entrepreneurial mindset is the foundation for children’s adult life in which critical thinking and synthesizing capacities, design thinking, and the ability to adapt and apply knowledge in unique ways will be at the forefront. It is the person who combines the love for learning with the ability to reinvent his or herself that will experience success.

Miami is a world-class city with a uniquely diverse population and culture. Under my leadership as Head of School, Cushman will continue to strengthen and become defined as a world-class school that produces world-class leaders of tomorrow

Dr. Arvi Balseiro

Head of School

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“The Cushman School in the 21st Century is still a place where talented students are encouraged to be their authentic selves, to discover how to be responsible citizens, and to feel the joy of doing their personal best.”

– Dr. Joan Lutton, 2nd Headmaster, 1979 – 2012