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Academic Rigor Challenges its High School Students

For an intentionally, boutique-sized high school, Cushman High School offers an impressive number of Advanced Placement courses, internship programs and dual enrollment opportunities for students seeking rigorous academic tracks. The School’s small class sizes allow for time and personalized instruction from Cushman’s master educators in the subjects and adds tremendous benefit to these students tackling college-level curriculum at an accelerated pace. 

Cushman High School AP Scholar

As an example, this past 2023-24 school year, Cushman High School offered and tested 31 AP classes with 187 tests and 87 students.

Regardless of students’ academic requirements and learning styles, Cushman educators work to design a trajectory to appropriately challenge its students and ultimately earn them seats at top colleges and universities of their choice. 

Cushman High School AP Scholars

On Friday, May 3rd, 2024, we enjoyed an Academic Scholars Breakfast in our Play to Learn Center to honor the top six students in 9th, 10th and 11th grades based on weighted GPAs. It was a beautiful morning in celebration of these hardworking Cushman Cougars who demonstrate not only academic excellence, but industry, courtesy, and responsibility in all of their endeavors.

Go Cougars!


Scholars Breakfast Winners:


Cushman High School AP Scholar

9th Grade:

  1. Devlin Guttridge
  2. Arihant Jaggi
  3. Michaella Peraza
  4. Olivia Corzo
  5. Lilly Arvin
  6. Jake Friedman


 Mrs. Jen Geimer - Upper School Director

10th grade:

  1. Amelie Leichtling
  2. Vitoria Thomas
  3. Isabella Thomas
  4. Bella Olson
  5. Daniela Marin
  6. Folasade Ajanaku


 Cushman High School AP Scholar

11th Grade:

  1. Jasmin Rossi
  2. Nicolas Younes
  3. Antonella Peraza
  4. Alessandro Chemla
  5. Victoria LeaPlaza
  6. Tristan Nimmo


Cushman High School AP Scholar