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Engaging and Enriching

Middle School

At Cushman, these 6th through 8th grade years offer so many enriching experiences where our adolescent-aged students gain their individual voices and begin paving their futures. In addition to rich course offerings, multiple electives give students the opportunity to explore new interests and fine-tune talents within the academic day.

Our program has been thoughtfully designed to appropriately challenge students within a nurturing environment as they grow during these years of critical development. Brain research confirms that this is a time when students need significant emotional and social support to successfully navigate the digital world we live in and face increased “coming of age” pressures. As our 8th grade students approach high school, they seek additional independence and purpose. This delicate balance of providing a loving environment coupled with opportunities to be empowered as “innovators of change” and make a difference in our society is something Cushman works hard to create for our students’ benefit. 

Jennifer Geimer

Jennifer Geimer

Upper School Director
Kyle Mullan

Kyle Mullan

Associate Middle School Director
The Cushman School: Middle School Students

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Unique Experiences

To complement their core academic requirements, students have an opportunity to select elective classes each quarter to further their interests and/or pursue their talents. This fun and productive time is scheduled first in the morning to accommodate students’ Circadian rhythm for optimal learning when more rigorous academics begin closer to 10 a.m.

  • Film & Broadcast
  • Visual Arts & Portfolio Design
  • Music Production
  • Coding & Computers
  • Theatre Troupe
  • Photography & Yearbook

Chess Club
Cooking Club
Fantasy Card Club
Fantasy Sport Club
Minecraft Club
National History Club
Science Club
Sewing Club
The Animal Lovers Club

Inspiring our students to think globally about the world around them and understand the personal satisfaction that comes from reaching out into the community and helping to make a difference is a big part of The Cushman School journey. Our students become very engaged and extremely productive during their middle school years which is a great pre-requisite to the Society And Me (SAM) curriculum that begins in high school.  

Every year, our students embark on exciting, overnight trips with their classmates. Through the integration of our academic curriculum into real-life adventures, students make connections between concepts studied in the classroom and their applications to the world around us.

  • 6th grade – Circle F Dude Ranch in Lake Wales, FL
  • 7th grade – Washington D.C.
  • 8th grade – Costa Rica

As part of Cushman‘s tradition of inspiring its students to be confident and capable public speakers, oratory challenges are presented throughout the entire Cushman journey and highlighted in middle school in the following projects:

  • Sixth grade Living History Museum – Students research, create and deliver elaborate presentation on one of their favorite historical figures.
  • Seventh grade – After analyzing the U.S. constitution, students write and deliver compelling speeches relevant to the historical concepts being studied in class.
  • Eighth grade – Students research different parts of the world and challenges those cultures/societies face and present on a global topic in this annual event “Our Generation, Our World, Own it.”

Cushman Virtual

For a century, The Cushman School has evolved its programming to remain relevant to the educational landscape.

Today, we see the need to offer flexible, remote learning opportunities to more and more students in a personalized, supportive way. Our curriculum, instruction, and class structure provides a world-class education complete with engaging and unique experiences to inspire social-emotional growth and strength in character. Students all over the globe can now access a Cushman education.

The Cushman Virtual School offers programming for 6th through 12th grade students. Mentorship and one-on-one instruction guided by expert faculty are infused in both synchronous and asynchronous classes while fulfilling state and national standards.

Cushman Virtual School
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Jennifer Geimer

Jennifer Geimer

Cushman Virtual Director

Arlene Sauleda

Cushman Virtual Associate Director

“The Cushman School is a place where not only the student, but the parents, will find a sense of belonging. From the outstanding staff, to the exceptional education, every part of the school provides an amazing high school experience. The teachers are always there to provide the help and encouragement needed and assist the students to achieve their goals. The college preparation and assistance from the college counselor is something that you cannot find at any other school. The school offers a very supporting environment for all students.”

– Christine Egert, Parent