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Appreciating the Arts

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program is a critical component of our curriculum since merging visual creativity with academics enhances children’s ability to conceptualize, problem solve and express themselves. Artistic projects are woven throughout all subject areas. Our main Art Room is an ever-changing gallery and studio space filled with every tool a child could need to imagine, create and bring an idea to fruition.

Susan Silver: Director of Visual Arts at The Cushman School

Susan Silver

Director of Visual Arts

The works of art that our children produce are some of the most precious of their lives, and are evidence of the journey they take during one of the most imaginative timeframes in their lives.

Our students learn:






Mixed Media

The Cushman School: Gallery Walk

Essential Values of our Visual Arts Program

Individual: Through visual arts, the individual expresses his or her feelings and gains a personal satisfaction through personal accomplishments and creative problem solving.

Societal: Visual arts bring individuals together. It helps us assume a personal responsibility for the improvement of community living.

Cultural: Visual arts record the achievement of mankind. It helps us to understand the past and present cultures of today’s society. Visual arts help build cultural bridges between people.

The Gallery Walk

This annual event is a fantastic display of our students’ impressive creativity. Their artwork is featured throughout the campus, and there is often a special “guest artist” who attends the celebration. Ranging from beautiful sunflower paintings by Dr. Haralson’s youngest artists through spectacular creations from Middle and High School students the overall presentation gives Art Basel some neighborly competition!

The Cushman School: Gallery Walk
The Cushman School: Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence

In 2012, Cushman introduced a first of its kind Artist-in-Residence Program. The objective of this unique program is to expose our Middle School students to the creative process of working with a professional local artist. We invite artists of all disciplines into our school to spend one week with our students in an enlightening and empowering experience that teaches new skills, stretches their imaginations and promotes collaborative and ensemble thinking. The outcome of their week-long journey is then presented at the annual Gallery Walk event held on campus, which showcases works of art from the entire student body.

“Seeing the impressive works of art and engineering projects complete by students throughout the year really shows what Cushman and its programming are all about. It demonstrated why the School is in a league of its own. Diversity, tolerance, teamwork, art appreciation, excellence – are the points of distinction. The Cushman culture is unique and hard to find in Miami. That is what must be preserved at all costs. Beautiful, lasting memories were created while celebrating the arts yesterday. That is what it is all about… Enhancing the human experience. Thank you!”

– Cushman parent of a 6th and 1st-grade student