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Eliminating Boundaries

A Global Perspective

Our global studies program is based on the fact that truly educating students today requires exposure to diverse languages, cultures and countries. preparing our students for global citizens is an essential part of empowering them to be Innovators of Change.




Global Programs

Mozambique Collaboration

Global Programs

Visit from Monk

Our world is becoming smaller and smaller with technology continuing to eliminate logistical boundaries. Part of The Cushman School’s mission is to prepare our students for this kind of international workplace, which means providing exposure that instills an appreciation for global diversity and an understanding of how to communicate cross-culturally. Cushman’s Global Studies initiative empowers our students, whether they are interested in business, politics, the arts, or simply the various heritages of their friends. Cushman’s unique exchange program with China’s Hunan University and Spain’s Colegio
Internacional Altair in Madrid, as well as its global connection center, demonstrates our commitment to this vision.
Instilling a global perspective in our students is imperative in today’s education. Not only do many careers depend on global intelligence, but fostering open-mindedness and compassion in our children leads to more peaceful coexistence for future generations. Our faculty and staff work together to provide our students with engaging lessons and unique opportunities to engage them to be “global citizens.”

Our Global Programs Strive To:

Create awareness of students’ role as global citizens

Cultivate students’ curiosity about other cultures.

Develop an age-appropriate understanding of our global community and world geography.

Introduce an understanding of worldwide social justice and moral responsibility.

Foster an appreciation of cultural similarities and differences.