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Discovering Passions

After School Programs

Cushman students are encouraged to explore their passions and sense of self, create community, and seek answers to big questions by participating in our after school enrichment programs.

sewing club at The Cushman School

Sewing Club

Half Notes & Voices of Cushman

Feature Clubs
The Cushman School: Chess Club

Chess Club

Learning doesn’t stop when the school day is over. Cushman’s After School Clubs allow children to explore their interests and foster new ones while on campus. The diverse club offerings give our students the opportunity to take part in activities like STEAM robotics, chess, painting, ballet, club soccer, karate, basketball and foreign languages… among many others.

We believe that true learning extends beyond the academic classroom. Whether taking part in a service-learning activity, refining motor skills in a dance class or athletic club, building the latest robot in a robotics club or creating a new fashion design in our sewing club , Cushman students have ample opportunities to explore their curiosity and discover new interests. This healthy balance of enrichment and academic programming allows our students to develop into balanced, well-rounded individuals.

Primary & Elementary

Performing Arts Groups:
Half Notes
Little Sticks
Voices of Cushman

BAM with FMA
Directed Drawing
Fun with Animals
Fun with Food
Race Cars
Soap Making

Middle School

Chess Club
Cooking Club
Fantasy Card Club
Fantasy Sport Club
Minecraft Club
National History Club
Science Club
Sewing Club
The Animal Lovers Club

Upper School

Asociación de Jóvenes por Venezuela
Band Club
Cadena Club
Cheerleading Club
Chess Club
Cooking Club
Creative Writing Club
Cushman Futbol Club
Dungeons and Dragons Club
E-Sports Club
Environmental Club
Etiquette Club
Fashion Club
French Club
Girls Who Code
Golf Club
International Film Club
Italian Club
Jewelry Club
Journalism Club
Lego Club
Model UN
Self-Defense Club
Spanish Club
Wellness Club