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Cushman Athletics

At Cushman, educating the whole child means attentiveness to creating a healthy body and healthy mind. Playing sports does just that! Our expert coaches are educators first who challenge our students to perform at their best through excellent communication, encouragement, and support.

Our Athletics Program is guided by our School’s mission and philosophy ensuring the pillars of industry, courtesy, and responsibility are maintained on the sports field just like in the classroom. Students must demonstrate honesty and integrity during competitions, non-violent resolution of conflict, respect for others and oneself, as well as the power of collaboration and teamwork. In addition to strengthening athletic skills and abilities, being a member of a team also encourages the kind of commitment and self-discipline that creates a successful mindset for life.

All our students are encouraged to participate in an interscholastic sport, whether they bring years of experience on a travel club team or are new to organized sports. Our athletics programming is designed to be inclusive and fun while fostering sportsmanship, camaraderie, and a lifelong appreciation of physical health and activity.

Pablo Gentile

Pablo Gentile

Director of Athletics
Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez

Director of Physical Education
Healthy Competition at The Cushman School

Healthy Competition

We believe that healthy competition focuses on having fun, developing skills and performing at one’s best, not on winning or losing. Our focus is on effort exerted and appropriately pushing our students to maximize their potential.

At Cushman, we promote:

Teamwork and positive participation

Encouragement to achieve growth and success

The courage to take risks

Each student striving to accomplish goals at his/her own pace

Fall Sports

Cross Country


Girls Volleyball

Flag Football


Winter Sports




Spring Sports



Boys Volleyball

Strong Bodies, Minds & Character

Programming is designed specifically to introduce sports and gradually develop skills in our kindergarteners through 5th graders.



As part of our unique physical education programming, all students are placed on either the Blue or White Team and compete each month during their P.E. classes. These festive days of sports competitions include music, freeze dancing, tons of laughter and usually culminate with popsicles. Following the year-long schedule of activities, students await the end-of-school-year announcement of the team that acquired the most points.

The Cushman School: Blue and White Day

“Research consistently shows the positive correlation between exercise and organized athletics and a child’s ability to focus in the classroom… Participating in a team sport inspires the kind of dedication and collaboration skills that makes us successful adults. Our goal at Cushman is to get all students at all levels out to play.”

– Pablo Gentile, Athletics Director