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Welcome Back!

Dear Cushman Families,

Welcome to a new school year! I hope the summer has been an enjoyable one for you and your family with many new memories made. We have been eagerly planning for the arrival of your children. There is no doubt that this 2022-2023 school year will be an exciting one leading to academic, social, emotional and physical growth in your children. With our Play to Learn facility opening, we are anticipating expansion of programming and our ‘Cougar’ community that will bring feelings of joy and excitement amongst all. Our highly committed, caring, and knowledgeable faculty, staff, and administration are already on campus, but our Cougar culture and spirit will not be complete until we warmly welcome you and your children with bright smiles.

This year’s theme, The Cougar Invitational, is a reminder to each of us how important it is to engage in Cushman’s mission and philosophy as it remains ever more important. With 98 years of history, our Cushman School continues to shine brightly with its philosophy at the forefront. Through embracing, honoring, and demonstrating the dispositions set forth in the Laura Cushman Philosophy, your children will adeptly navigate our evolving society. During the COVID pandemic, your children, and, we, as adults, traversed many waves of change; our dispositions were tested during that turbulence. While the partnership between our School and your homes led to great achievements over these past few years, we invite you to refocus your efforts while joining ours through The Cougar Invitational. We will reignite The Cushman Promise to uphold Cushman’s ‘Why’ and what comprises Cushman’s DNA. Supported by the omnipresent pillars of the Cushman Philosophy, as is each or our endeavors, this vision will allow your children to confidently chart their course in this rapidly evolving world!

I continue to live and lead in gratitude and with love for having your deep devotion toward what makes the Cushman experience and our culture so unique and compelling.

If you have any questions, please call our Main Office at: 305-757-1966.

I look forward to our partnership!

All my love,

Dr. Arvi Balseiro – Head of School