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The Cushman School Fulfilling Needs in a Personalized Way

Miami-Dade’s oldest, continuously-operating, private school continues to meet the demands of today’s students while remaining rooted to its near-century-old traditions and character first approach to education. “We consistently evolve to find innovative ways to engage, teach and inspire our students. We’ve seen an increased desire for personalization and flexibility to accommodate our students and their families. This demand has driven us to offer the Cushman Experience beyond our campus boundaries,” explains Dr. Arvi Balseiro – Third Head of School in Cushman’s 98 years.

Cushman’s main and high school campuses are located in the historic MIMO Miami district on Biscayne Blvd., and educate a diverse, international student population of approximately 800. The launch of Cushman Virtual means that more students from anywhere can now benefit from The Cushman School’s education and hallmark learning environment. Established in 1924, Cushman is known for its culture defined by strength of character, kindness and inclusivity, a positive self-aware attitude and its legacy of fostering students as “innovators of change.” This mindset and robust social programming also differentiates the school’s newest division, Cushman Virtual, and complement its dynamic offering of small-sized, online classes taught by leading educators. A team of counselors is also available to ensure the academic and social-emotional success of its tight-knit community of learners.

Whether students are learning from the comfort of home, a remote location or from Cushman’s main or high school campus, all Cushman students benefit from a personalized and engaging educational experience that prepares them to be successful in the world and think beyond themselves.

The Cushman School: Private School Guide

Cushman Virtual is Ideal for Students:

  • Wanting one-to-one support with a community-learning experience
  • Experiencing travel, a relocation or move
  • Preferring to learn at their own time and pace
  • Looking for an online option with social programming
  • Managing athletics, other talents and careers
  • With varying learning styles from overcoming challenges to gifted/accelerated 
  • Who enjoy virtual classes and thrive online


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