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Faculty Highlight – Jesse Jordan

What is your role at Cushman?The Cushman School: Jesse Jordan

8th Grade Global Studies Teacher

How long have you been working at Cushman?

Only a few months, but I’m happy to have joined Team Cushman this 2022-23 school year, and already feel a great connection with my students.

Tell us about your professional skills or career highlights in/outside Cushman.

I am an enthusiastic globe trotter having adventured and documented areas of over 50 countries and territories of our world. As an Ambassador for Youth, my life experiences have supported a 20-year effort to enlighten “hard-luck” teens laboring in the Juvenile Justice & Child Welfare systems to have each of them believe that they are “vision builders” and that joyful possibilities are available through hard work, self-belief, and a servant’s heart.

Can you briefly describe what you do at Cushman?

Teach and inspire the students to appreciate the world at large and impress upon each of them the importance of their unique roles as global citizens.

What is your educational background?

M.A. Counseling, Americorps National Service, U.S. Army Veteran

Why are you glad to be an educator at Cushman?

I am not sure what kind of impact I make on any young life but if I work to impress each of them, a thousand times every day, it would seem impactful!