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Why We Give: The Mahfood Family

Name:  Valerie and George Mahfood

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA

Where are you working? Title?
Valerie is a Partner/attorney with Kubicki Draper.
George is a Partner/attorney with Nelson Mullins.

When did you get involved with this organization?
Valerie has been with Kubicki Draper for over 8 years.
George has been with Nelson Mullins for over 10 years.

How have you been involved in The Cushman School?  We’ve delivered the Pizza Lunches, volunteered at the Halloween Howl, and served as a Room Parent during elementary and middle school. Valerie was a part of the Development Committee for the High School.

What do you think sets The Cushman School apart?  The sense of community, and holistic approach to education and academic success sets Cushman apart.  The School educates the “whole child”.  Whether it’s academics, sports, music, theater, arts, or after school clubs, everyone finds a home at Cushman.  The School and faculty are supportive and creative and have developed an environment for learning with equality, integrity, and diligence.  There is no doubt Cushman has prepared my daughter for the rigors of college life next year!

What do you hope we will achieve in the near future? In the long term?  As a long time Cushman family, I would love to see the High School continue to grow and its campus expand.  The School’s attention to the individual student has created the perfect setting for excellence.  The curriculum and faculty have made the School an amazing success!

Share your favorite Cushman anecdote.  My daughter would have to say “the trip to Iceland” and “the trip to Peru”!!  These were exciting trips for the High School students, incorporating travel with community education and historic perspectives.  Truly once in a lifetime events!

What other organizations or causes do you support? We are big supporters of the Born Free Pet Shelter, a “no kill” shelter for dogs of all ages.

What inspires you to support The Cushman School on Give Miami Day? Give Miami Day is a perfect day to show our gratitude to Cushman – for their devotion to our students, their support of the families, faculty, and administrators.  The School practices and teaches inclusion.  It embraces diversity. It thinks “outside the box”. Give Miami Day allows the School to continue its development and growth and we wholeheartedly support those lofty goals!

Do you have a message to share for other donors? Why should they participate in Give Miami Day?  Cushman deserves its families’ support.  The daily pursuit of excellence starts with our leader, Arvi Balseiro.  She has brought Cushman to the forefront in academics, leadership and community support and involvement.  These things don’t happen without our families stepping in to show their financial support for these significant achievements.