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Why We Give: The Fabrikant Family

Name: Alexandra and Eric Fabrikant

Hometown: Palm Beach, FL and New York, NY

Where are you working? Title?
Alexandra: Planning a re-entry soon… Eric: Seacor, Chief Operating Officer

When did you get involved with this organization?
We began supporting The Cushman School as soon as our eldest daughter, Caroline, entered Dr. Haralson’s nursery class. We immediately felt welcome and very lucky to be a part of such a unique and special community.

How have you been involved in the Cushman School?
Alexandra is currently on the Head’s Leadership Council and has been a room parent several times; we support various events at the school including the Cushman School Gala, the holiday bazaar, the Halloween Howl and others.

What sets Cushman apart?
The Cushman School has fostered a love of learning in each of our three children. The nurturing teachers, the warm and friendly environment resonates with our family. Cushman’s values, which focus on kindness and inclusivity, emulate what we try and teach our children at home. Education is a top priority for us as well as trying to raise good little human beings!

What do you hope we will achieve in the near future? In the long term?
We hope the Cushman School can continue to grow both physically and academically while still maintaining the intimate Cushman feel.

Share your favorite Cushman anecdote.
Seeing all three of our children in Cushman uniforms.

What other organizations or causes do you support?
We support the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami, The University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University, among others.

What inspires you to give to the Cushman School?
Outside of our own family and home, there is no greater influence on our children’s development than the Cushman community and school.

Do you have a message to share for other donors?
It feels good to invest in your child’s future.