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Cushman Educates Beyond the Common Core

It is becoming commonplace to hear or read about Florida’s adoption of the Common Core standards, and with it, comes much controversy. Many parents have asked me about how these standards relate to those by which The Cushman School’s curriculum is founded, so I am dedicating this month’s blog to respond to these questions.

Cushman’s curriculum is unique because it exceeds both national and state standards in keeping with the mission and educational philosophy of our School. The portrait of a Cushman student is one who can think out-of-the-box in both a critical and innovative manner… one who can be responsive to the diversity of others, and who can apply the knowledge and skills learned in the core subjects to the context of real-world experiences. Like the goal of the Common Core standards, Cushman’s curriculum provides opportunities for students to solve problems and apply interpretative and analytical skills as they read a variety of classical genre, communicate orally and in writing with clarity and precision, and demonstrate mastery of mathematical skills beyond rote memorization. But, this is just the springboard for the types of skills your children need to be fully engaged learners in the 21st century. While the Common Core standards are a good start, they are not enough to develop students who have an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset, nor are they enough to develop students who think integratively through the S.T.E.A.M. related fields.

At Cushman, we are committed to developing your children to be well-rounded, passionate and confident individuals. The arts and athletics are an integral piece of the fabric of our educational program, and through them, students’ passions become enlivened and their appreciations for life become fulfilled. And through world languages and global studies, your children not only speak in languages other than their native tongue, but they will come to understand the cultures of those other students they will communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve with globally.

We hold true to the ideals that became that integral anchor of the Cushman philosophy. That anchor has led us to become a great school. Cushman students display a strong character that later drives them to take the responsible risks to do great things. For ninety years, the driving force behind all students’ success and love for life and learning has been their unyielding sense of self and commitment to industrious learning, responsible choices, and unfailing courtesy. It is the Cushman student, your child, that holds on to those roots, and that in this unpredictable time prove to be even more relevant.

So, does Cushman adhere to the Common Core standards?  It is quite the contrary. The newly adopted Common Core standards reflect only one piece of the educational program The Cushman School has provided students for 90 years.