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Security at Cushman

The Cushman School was in a lock down mode on Tuesday Sept. 3rd for approximately 1.5 hours in response to a burglary in our zip code. Even though there was never a direct threat on campus, our police officer immediately alerted us to the incidence, and we were able to act expeditiously when directed to take this precautionary measure. Having a full-time City of Miami police officer provides us direct access to police communications at all times. Therefore, we are informed of all happenings in the vicinity that may warrant this type of conservative action when many other businesses and/or schools are not.

After that event on the first full day of the school year, I feel the timing is appropriate for me to discuss the tremendous measures taken to secure our campus every day. It’s important for all families to know that the safety and peace of mind of our Cushman Community remains the number one priority at The Cushman School. Our security protocols are consistently reviewed by a Board of Trustees’ Safety Committee of which includes our local Police Commander and it meets every third Tuesday of the month.

Here are some of the resources currently dedicated to secure our School each day: 

  • Fully uniformed City of Miami police officer
  • Certified security personnel on campus 24/7
  • Campus perimeter fencing
  • 24-hour surveillance cameras strategically placed through campus
  • One-Call Now Alert System – for internal and external communications via cell phone/ text messages
  • Jabber communication software via computers/cell phones
  • Bell Commander – alert and messaging system on campus 
  • Personal faculty and staff wireless alert system
  • Crash bars for windows in case of fire
  • Security decals for all cars regularly entering campus 
  • Visitors’ passes and restricted access to campus during school hours
  • Lightening detectors

I welcome your inquiries and want you to feel confident in the measures we take to prioritize the safety and well-being of every student and employee at The Cushman School.