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Happy Holidays!

Dear Cushman Family and Friends,

The joy that comes during the holiday time is palpable. I am sure you sense the excitement that is in the air on campus. Thanks to our wonderful Cushman School Parents’ Association (the CSPA), the holiday decorations have added to festivities that bring us all together. At Cushman, those feelings of love, peace and unity surround us, and it is those same feelings that differentiate our school community from others.

Over the past 99 years, the fabric of our culture has been preserved and strengthened by each family, employee and student who has walked through Cushman’s blue gates. Through each person’s engagement in and adherence to Dr. Cushman’s Philosophy in word and deed, the ‘feeling’ of Cushman’s culture in action has spread. Each member of our school community is loved and valued, and we embrace our differences as opportunities to learn about each other. Cushman’s culture of love has been passed down through many generations.

Therefore, during this holiday season, it is my hope that you take a moment to cherish, as I do, Dr. Cushman’s Philosophy, and the fulfillment of its promise. I am sure you will treasure the holiday memories you will make with your family, friends and loved ones, and I want to be certain you know that we are your extended family and wish you the happiest holiday and new year! I look forward to seeing you back on campus on January 8, 2024!

With all my love,