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The Cushman School Receives Full Accreditation

The Cushman School recently went through a comprehensive accreditation process that is conducted every six years by prestigious accreditation bodies of our region and state, the Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS), the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and Cognia. Earning full accreditation from these agencies requires meeting rigid standards of excellence in all school operations and the execution of programming while ensuring that the school lives up to its mission and philosophy in all pursuits. It’s with such tremendous appreciation and pride to report that we received full accreditation and additional praise above and beyond meeting requirements for our work and the educational environment we’ve fostered here at Cushman.

As we await a full report from their accreditation team, I am honored to share a few words from key accrediting leaders:

“The team does not have a specific recommendation outside of “keep on doing what you are doing.” The school is reflective and intentional about its future facilities needs and its financial planning, and grounds itself in the needs of the students whom they serve. The school has made great strides to get the right people on the bus and make sure they are in the right seats on the bus. If there is a recommendation, it might be to consider sharing your secret sauce with the rest of the independent school community.” -SAIS Accreditation Team

“The Laura Cushman Academy is to be commended for providing a necessary educational opportunity for children and families in Miami. The School is a pioneer of a school within a school and taking care of kids properly.” – FCIS Accreditation Team co-chair

We will always strive for excellence here at The Cushman School never resting on our laurels. However, it provides us with such fulfillment and validation to know the work we are doing is respected by this elite group whose aim is to maintain the highest standards of excellence in education for independent schools throughout the region and state.

Thank you.

With much appreciation,

– Dr. Arvi Balseiro / Head of The Cushman School