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Miami to Mozambique

As part of its ongoing global studies initiative, The Cushman School has been participating in an exchange program with students from Maputo, Mozambique, designed to highlight “shared humanity.” The international collaboration is being facilitated by AptArt, an organization which bridges the gap between the Western world and marginalized communities abroad through the creation of public art.

Collaborating with AptArt 

This is the second time that Cushman High School students participated in an AptArt project. The first experience was in 2016 via a Syrian Refugee exhibition at the Nader Gallery in Wynwood. “We are thrilled to work with AptArt once again, this time alongside Maputo Skate, a student group from Mozambique,” explains Cushman teacher Kyle Mullan. “Exposing our students to diverse cultures, languages and challenges that others face in different parts of the world is not only at the core of social science education but inspires an empathic and global mindset.”

The Maputo Skate Student Group

The Maputo Skate student group has been particularly critical to continuing education in the Maputo community since schools have been partially or fully closed for over a year due to COVID-19. Director of Maputo Skate, Francisco Vinho, has been able to fill the void of in-person learning through this kind of online programming with students in other parts of the world.

Cushman’s Society and Me Curriculum 

Cushman’s 9th graders and the Maputo students have been meeting over Zoom for the last few weeks during Cushman’s unique Society and Me class. The culmination of their discussions is the completion of two murals (one in Miami and one in Maputo) resulting in visible works of art for all to enjoy. The painting will commence in October.

The entire process will be showcased as part of a documentary focused on the benefit of public art within disparate communities. Cushman and Maputo will serve as an example of how art can help bring diverse groups of people together in order to understand our common interests.

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