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Exploring a Cushman High School

For the past two years, the Board of Trustees, the High School Committee and I have been exploring and researching the feasibility of expanding our school to include a high school at an off campus location. Internal and external market studies were conducted, and we were thrilled to learn that not only would Cushman’s community support the expansion, but the continued changing demographics within our external community would as well. Over the course of the past few years, I have developed curricula and established university partnerships that would contribute to our planned innovative programming. Just recently, I hired Caroline Lewis, former Ransom Everglades Head for 15 years, as a consultant and possible future High School Director to help me further refine our program and prepare for this exciting, historical endeavor.

Caroline Lewis not only served as Ransom Everglades’ High School Head, but her innovative capabilities also were recognized through her role as Director of Education at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens. In this capacity, Mrs. Lewis designed and directed the Fairchild Challenge and expanded programs and partnerships more than 800%. In 2010, Mrs. Lewis founded the CLEO Institute, a non-profit organization that inspires and empowers others to further action on civic and environmental issues related to renewable resources, carbon footprints, global warming, rising sea levels and sustainable choices. Caroline Lewis is recognized as a thought leader and environmental advocate.  Additional accomplishments include being nominated by the Union of Concerned Scientists and being selected by the White House for recognition as a community climate resilience Champion of Change, 2013.  There is no doubt that with Caroline Lewis, the Board of Trustees, and my leadership team, we will enliven our high school vision and engage and empower our students to lead in providing innovative solutions to the problems facing our community and beyond.

– Arvi Balseiro