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Character Education

Successfully educating today’s youth requires a true partnership between family, community, and the school itself.  Schools have a tall order to fill as they seek to prepare and develop students against the backdrop of an ever-changing global society. Today’s students are faced with navigating a world that is technology driven and accessible 24/7.  Connections made today may not always be face-to-face, but instead can be virtual across time zones.  In our hurried world, where one is impacted by external forces on a daily basis, it is extremely vital to ensure that the virtues that lie at the core of our society are not forgotten.  Nonetheless, a great need exists to not only put character first but also apply the pillars of virtue to this new social frontier. For the past 90 years, character development has served as the foundation for The Cushman School’s educational program. Our founder, Dr. Laura Cushman, believed that a child who acts responsibly, is courteous and demonstrates industrious behavior, will achieve his or her personal best.  The Cushman School Virtues Program provides a means to instill in children the traditional values that serve as the core of our society.  Implemented by the School’s Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Jennifer Williams, instruction about each virtue is modeled through the Values and Life Skills curriculum and by classroom instruction.  The Values and Life Skills courses are linked to “The Habits of Mind” and provide engaging methods of implementation, and deliver thought provoking lessons to the students. Technology and literary links also serve as additional resources for age-appropriate, values-based discussions.  Each lesson actively supports the development of a healthy self-concept and broadened social awareness in every child.  The skills learned in each class may be applied and utilized instantly in and out of the classroom itself. With the strong foundation provided by The Cushman School’s Character Education Program, each student will possess the tools necessary to lead a life well lived.

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