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Play to Learn

It’s hard to believe The Cushman School is entering its 90th year and we will graduate our 90th class very soon. I’m honored to be a part of a school that was established in 1924 with the original philosophy well intact, while simultaneously moving forward with a powerful vision. As I approach the end of my second school year as Head of School, I wholeheartedly embrace my greatest challenge: to evolve The Cushman School into the 21st century with an Identity Linked to Excellence. A big piece of that evolution is the launch of our Play to Learn campaign. The goal is to build a state-of-the-art performing arts and athletic center for the future of Cushman students and our community.

Dr. Laura Cushman founded our School in the 20’s when nothing like it existed anywhere in our country. The Cushman School was then grown into the 20th century under the leadership of Dr. Joan Lutton who brilliantly preserved our founder’s philosophy and mission while bringing enrollment to 500 students. Today, it’s my, and our turn, to continue The Cushman School legacy for future generations.

I have tremendous responsibility to upholding Dr. Cushman’s philosophy, and most importantly to all Cushman students to ensure our campus, our facilities, our programming and curriculum meet competitive marketplace expectations while preserving our students’ “love of learning.” We live at a time when our children need creative outlets for expression and daily physical activity so they will grow, not only into accomplished professionals, but healthy individuals with a positive outlook on life. This is what will set them apart as tomorrow’s leaders.

I invite you all to learn more about our Play to Learn campaign at upcoming events hosted by our parents, and online at:

I look forward to our ongoing partnership in making a difference for our children and our community.

Best regards,