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Students Pledge for Success

As part of Cushman’s curriculum that focuses on inspiring strength of character, primary and elementary students recite the “Pledge for Success” daily and students in all divisions refer to it often. The “Pledge for Success” reinforces Cushman’s commitment to helping students become responsible, empathetic and engaged members of our school’s community. There is time built into many lessons to reflect on the importance of kindness and inclusivity as well as the joyful rewards of being a part of a diverse global community.

Lesson One: Pledge for Success

  1. I will wait my turn to speak.
    That way, I can listen to what others have to say.

  2. I will treat others the way I want to be treated.
    Pushing, fighting, bullying, name calling, and treating others badly hurts them and me.

  3. I will respect the diversity of all people.
    Whether we are the same or different on the outside, it’s the person we are on the inside that counts.

  4. I will remember that I have people that care about me in my family, school, and community.
    Families, like schools and communities, can be many sizes and made up of all kinds of people.

  5. I will try my best.
    Even when I make mistakes, I learn from them. The most important thing is to keep trying.