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Personalized Education for over a Century

Miami-Dade’s oldest, continuously-operating, private school celebrates its 100th year anniversary in 2024 with its original purpose more relevant than ever; the School continues to meet the demands of today’s students while remaining rooted to its traditions and focus on strength of character. Named after its founder Dr. Laura Cushman, her vision and idealism for a joyful, ambitious and inclusive learning environment were progressive in 1924; her aims still anchor the The Cushman School’s mission and philosophy despite a fluid curriculum that consistently evolves to support the needs of its students and their families.

The Cushman School: Visual Arts Programming

Headquartered in the dynamic city of Miami, Cushman has earned its reputation as a leader in education through its personalized approach that allows each child to reach their fullest potential while instilling social responsibility in its entire school community. “We are constantly evolving to stay competitive in the marketplace that our children face,” says Dr. Arvi Balseiro, Head of The Cushman School. “With changing technol ogies, globalization and future careers we cannot even anticipate, we must teach students how to adapt, think creatively and solve complex problems.” While fostering that entrepreneurial mindset, The Cushman School also spends much time inspiring kindness and inclusivity among its Cushman “family” and celebrating its traditions and impressive legacy in a transient city. “When many come to Cushman they find a home and they don’t want to leave,” comments Balseiro. This is evidenced by significant tenure in faculty and staff, the return of alumni to enjoy careers at Cushman as well as the attrition rate of our families through the entire pre-K through 12th grade journey.

With only three Heads of School to date, Cushman’s impressive history and heritage have remained intact over the last 10 decades. The Cushman School continues to uphold the same objectives stated by Dr. Laura Cushman from the onset: “A school seeks to develop the child mentally, physically and in character growth. To do this, the child must be placed in happy surroundings, be properly adjusted to his/her work, and have wholesome participation in living experiences.” This belief has allowed The Cushman School to graduate generations of children who are driven to make a difference in our communities and beyond. Dr. Balseiro further explains, “A happy environment, where children are comfortable to open their minds and have real-life opportunities to engage in projects that help unleash their potential is what we will always maintain here.” There is also a tremendous focus on personalization so students are truly recognized, their strengths and challenges properly accessed, and the right educational tools and experiences incorporated into their unique academic journey. This intentional mindset ensures that all Cushman students have the chance to excel along their respective paths. “We are fortunate to be able to maintain small class sizes and a productive student-to-teacher-ratios. All students deserve an appropriate amount of time and attention during these formidable years,” explains Balseiro.

The Cushman School: National Honor Society Induction

The School’s first class of just 12 students met on the porch of Dr. Cushman’s home. Dr. Laura Cushman had moved to Miami from Iowa in the early 1900s as an accomplished teacher. Just two years after being founded, the School moved into the Mediterranean-style building on the present main campus. Over the years, Cushman added grades 6th through 8th and then the high school division in 2016. “There was an overwhelming request for us to extend our philosophical approach to education into the critical teenage years,” explains Balseiro. The mission of The Cushman School is to cultivate happy, creative and engaged members of society who exemplify an exceptional character and a positive attitude. This mindset was also the foundation for the upper school division which called for a uniquely competitive curriculum so that the older students continued on their journey in character growth while preparing for college and their careers. Cushman’s upper school programming includes a four-year Society and Me (SAM) required course that challenges each high school student to identify issues of our time, conduct significant research, utilize a vast network of professional resources and develop creative solutions that help solve global and local problems. “This work inspires our students to become ‘innovators of change’ while forging in them tremendous confidence, communication skills, compassion and character. This purpose-driven curriculum also serves as an empowering springboard for our students’ success in college, their careers, and in life!”

Both Cushman’s main and high school campuses are located in the historic MIMO Miami district on Biscayne Blvd., and serve a diverse, international student population of approximately 820 from preschool through twelfth grade on its campuses.

A highlight to the school’s expansion is when Cushman graduated its inaugural senior class in 2020. Despite that accomplishment, 2020 also posed a great strife for most schools around the world impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are very fortunate to have a top Technology Team that seamlessly and immediately transitioned all students to online learning,” explains Balseiro. “Our goal was to prevent disruption in not only academics, but to maintain the close-knit school community feel, our special culture of camaraderie and effective interpersonal communication even with all of us on screens.” Cushman’s success in this endeavor led to another opportunity for the school’s evolution; Cushman officially launched its newest division to date in 2022 – Cushman Virtual. This comprehensive online curriculum offers Cushman’s trademark personalized educational experience to 6th through 12th grade students accessible from anywhere.

“Whether students are learning from the comfort of home, a remote location or from Cushman’s main or high school campus, all Cushman students will always benefit from a personalized and engaging educational experience that prepares them to be successful in the world and think beyond themselves.”

There is no doubt that The Cushman School will continue to educate, guide and inspire individuals into the next century with unwavering purpose and adhesion to its mission.


General School Information:

Main campus: 592 NE 60th Street, Miami 33137

High School campus: 4700 Biscayne Blvd., Miami 33137

Phone: 305-757-1966

Email: [email protected]

Grades/Ages Range: Pre-K through 12th grade

Online Division: