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Celebrating the Arts That Unite Us in a Powerful Rhythm

The last week in January, we will invite our community neighbors at Morningside K-8 Academy to engage in a spectacular learning experience and celebration of the Arts on Cushman’s historic, main campus. The week-long Artist-in-Residence Program will culminate on Friday, February 3rd, with the annual Gallery Walk art exhibit and two musical performances. In addition to displaying artwork from the entire student body, the theme of the performing arts shows focuses on African rhythms that unite us all in the power of collaboration and serve as a wonderful kickoff to Black History Month.

Beginning on Monday, January 30th, our highly anticipated Artist-in-Residence returns for a multiple-day immersion for 8th-grade students. They will work with professional musician William Stewart, former Third World Band drummer/percussionist. Their intensive, hands-on training will produce two drumming performances as students will be joined by other musicians as well as a group of dancers.

Simultaneously, the annual Gallery Walk will exhibit students’ works of art throughout campus. Our families are invited to tour and share in the joy of seeing such creative and innovative projects that students in all divisions have been completing throughout the school year.

While this day is set aside to honor the Arts, it is only a snapshot of the intention and time we place on ensuring music, creative expression, and inclusive collaborative projects are integral parts of the Cushman experience.

Please join us on Friday, February 3rd, to tour the Gallery Walk and attend one of the Artist-in-Residence shows depending on your division:

8:30 a.m. Performance – Families of students in 4th – 12th Grades

10:30 a.m. Performance – Families of students in PK – 3rd Grade

8:30 a.m. to Noon – Families may tour the Galley Walk in between shows.

Location: Shows will be held in the newly-opened Play to Learn facility.

More about this year’s artist Mr. William Stewart:

Professional percussionist formerly of the internationally acclaimed, Grammy-nominated Third World Band, William Stewart is the captivating conductor of compelling and unifying, stress-reducing and team-building workshops. He is also the founder of Embrace Music Foundation, a non-profit organization in Broward County. The mission of Embrace Music Foundation is “to restore, preserve, and fortify the impact of music — education, appreciation, and performance — in schools and communities, and to amplify its role in the development of children and families.” EMF’s signature program is Rhythms of Africa/Music Around the World, a musical journey that describes the movement of ancient rhythms sprung from the souls of vibrant cultures and carried by hand and heart from Africa to the Caribbean, South America, and North America. Willie Stewart has also recorded and performed with such renowned artists as Stevie Wonder and Eddy Grant, and has performed live with Carlos Santana and Bob Marley.