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Happy Healthy Holidays

Dear Cushman Community,

Happy Holidays, and for our friends and families who are celebrating Hanukkah, may you enjoy the holiday in the best of health. And, as this season continues to bring joy and celebration through Christmas, Kwanzaa and the New Year, may we all continue to join our hearts with one another. 

I am so proud to write that we have, once again, beautifully navigated through a time when our school environment could have been negatively impacted by a rise in COVID-19 cases. Instead, as a result of your partnership with us in adhering to the recommended CDC and the Health Department guidelines and Cushman’s protocol to reenter campus following the Thanksgiving holiday, we have been able to maintain our status of not having any cases, on either campus, that have resulted from an internal spread. This feeling of success belongs to each of us, and we are so grateful that, together, we continue to maintain the health of Cushman’s family.

As you know, next Friday, December 18th, is our last day of school until our return on Tuesday, January 5, 2021! I am looking forward to the new year that awaits us! While this excitement is in the air, I wanted to provide you with some important health reminders. Adhering to these requirements will provide greater assurance that your child(ren) can return to campus on January 5th.


  1. We must remain extremely vigilant in wearing masks, distancing from others, washing our hands frequently, and avoiding large gatherings, especially any that are indoors.
  2. If any members of our Cushman community (students, their families and our employees), are unable to comply with all CDC recommendations and guidelines, including those related to travel, then they should quarantine accordingly.
  3. If your child(ren) need to quarantine, please do not be concerned about his/her participation in the classroom lessons. We are equipped to help ensure that there is continuity in learning. Please be sure to inform our nurse, Kacey Schock, your Division Director and child(ren)’s teacher(s).
  4. You will be asked to sign the Winter Holiday Health Attestation upon your child’s return to campus, which will be found in the Magnus Health App.

 As we entered this holiday season, I reminded myself to acknowledge the many blessings I have had during this unprecedented, COVID-19 year. Of course, I am blessed with the love from my precious personal family. But I also feel deeply blessed to be facilitating this year’s journey with each of you as part of my Cushman family. Your trust in our faculty, staff and administration is taken very seriously, and to that end, we will continue to provide your children with a special educational experience while maintaining the healthiest environment possible on campus. I am deeply appreciative for each of you; please know that my and our arms are embracing you and your family.

Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

With love,

Dr. Arvi Balseiro