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Once a Cougar, Forever a Cougar: New Alumni Programs Seek to Strengthen Cushman Alumni Network

Anyone who has ever been to Cushman know: Cougars are family…and family comes first. That is why this year, The Cushman School is developing a more formalized alumni engagement strategy to reconnect and build stronger relationships with all of the alumni who have been a part of Cushman since its founding almost 100 years ago.

As a first step in the process, The Cushman School distributed a comprehensive alumni survey and hosted Cushman Alumni chats to gain insight on how we can better communicate with alumni and keep them involved as integral members of our Cushman family. With this intel, the School has developed a comprehensive new plan and strategy to help strengthen our alumni network. 

As part of the new initiative, Cushman alumni will have many different opportunities to get involved.  Alumni can now join our Cushman Alumni Board, mentor fellow Cougars, come speak at our Career days, give one of our Cushman High students an internship, or be listed as a part of the Cushman Business Directory.  

In addition, Cushman is looking to find innovative ways for them to connect with and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Now, Cushman alumni can submit class notes or join a specialized Cushman Alumni Facebook and LinkedIn groups. 

“Once a Cougar…. forever a Cougar,” said Dr. Arvi Balseiro, Head of School. “It’s our heartstrings that bind us. You, our alumni, are a true testament and a product of  “Cushman’s Magic.” Our goal is to strengthen our community through our collective bond.To learn more about how to get involved, visit our website: