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Always Remember

Nineteen years ago today, our country experienced a great shift. The tragic and unprecedented 911 event completely altered our sense of security. From that moment forward, a new mindset of joint accountability for each other’s safety emerged; there was a swelling of appreciation for the first responders and essential workers as they wrapped their arms around the community to help and heal. While your children did not experience 911 first hand, I spoke to them at Flag this morning about the parallels of which we are experiencing during this pandemic. COVID-19 has also been tragic and unprecedented. It has altered our sense of security regarding our health and well-being.  It is clearly a time when we must educate our children of the importance of joint accountability and responsibility in keeping each member in our home, school and community out-of-harm’s way. Let our Cushman School community lead the way for other schools as we model ourselves after New York City’s resiliency. I invite each member of our school community to adhere to our health and safety guidelines so we can safely bring your children back on to campus. I also ask that you join me in honoring our essential workers… the teachers, staff and administrators for opening their arms and hearts widely as we welcome your children to campus. A special thank you to Cushman’s family members who are first responders…physicians, fire-fighters, nurses, government workers, public bus drivers, custodial support, and to all of us who are joining in the effort to resume school and life in our communities. We too must strive to remain united in our efforts and become even stronger in the face of challenge.

– Arvi Balseiro