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Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth, goodwill toward all…

The good cheer of the holiday season is here. With all of the hustle and bustle, the laughter and boughs of holly, and the joining of families as they engage in traditions and celebrations, remembering the meaning behind the holidays becomes ever more important. As a Cushman School community, we foster the development of peace within each of your children, promote an appreciation for and understanding of diverse cultures and languages, and work tirelessly to create an overall peaceful home for your children in our buildings and on our playgrounds.

With the New Year right around the corner, let’s remind ourselves and our children, that each of us can contribute to peace in multiple ways. One of those ways is knowing that, as people of goodwill, peace comes when those that disagree recognize their commonalities and extend their hand in fellowship and respect. As we continue to instill the habit of mind, Empathy, in your children, remember its important application in developing a mindset which embraces other’s points of view.

During this holiday season, let us all further our contributions, in each of our own ways, to a peaceful community and world.  In this, and in every season, The Cushman School and your home are the instruments of peace.

Peace on Earth, goodwill toward men…..May this simple message find a home in each of your hearts and minds.

– Arvi Balseiro