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Enrichment at Cushman

Thank you to all our parents who were able to join us last week for Parents’ Nights. I look forward to seeing our Middle School families tonight. In addition to hearing from your child(ren)’s academic teachers, I hope you were able to meet members of our talented Enrichment Teams. A significant part of what makes the Cushman Experience so unique and special is the enrichment programming that is designed by faculty and seamlessly integrated into the daily curriculum. You will often hear me speak about this experiential learning since it permeates The Cushman School.

Our students enjoy performing arts and oratory events which instill confidence and poise on stage in front of an audience; We continue to hear that the Spring Play is our alumni’s greatest memory. In our global landscape, our World Languages Team provides valuable skills. Our daily P.E. with yoga is a healthy break that also contributes to greater focus in the classroom. Our Visual Arts Team weaves its creative, problem solving into all lessons, and our students’ time in the art rooms produces beautiful works you’ll see displayed throughout campus. With so many school libraries going online (a sad reality), our students benefit from time in the Kalb Family Library and design thinking challenges are presented weekly in our Innovation Center. These names are just a few of our offerings! Click here to see more. We are so fortunate to share this educational journey together.

– Arvi Balseiro