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Time for Love

Dear Cushman Community,

As I continue to read and hear about the tragedy due to the shootings that have taken place within 24 hours in Ohio and Texas, I felt compelled to connect with each of you, as a member of our Cushman family. I have been keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers with the hope that neither of your friends nor family members were affected by these shootings.

These incidents, that have taken the lives of many innocent people, have been reported as being ‘hate’ crimes. I am writing to remind each of us that just as these acts of hate impact not only the victims and their families, but the minds, hearts and trust of the entire community that learns about them, thoughts and actions of ‘love’ can counter act these experiences and be even more further-reaching.

During this difficult time where your children may be hearing about the shootings, I urge you, depending on the age of your child, to control his or her viewing of images and information.  If your child is becoming more anxious, I invite you to help them change their thoughts to love, because there is a lot more of it.  Through leading conversation, help them understand that the way they can make a positive difference in their own hearts,  and in the hearts of people around them so each is peaceful, is to focus on being kind…on being thoughtful…on being inclusive, and on being loving.  We are so fortunate to be part of a school community that values and embraces diversity in so many ways.  Model for them, and help them create ‘gratitude’ lists that they can say out loud, and help them notice, even what may appear to be the smallest things, what is beautiful and peaceful in their lives.  This is an exercise that can be done daily.

At Cushman, we have always had the aim of preserving childhood.  While the societal forces are presenting themselves in a strong way, we can, and we will continue to remain committed to having each of our hearts and dispositions aligned with Dr. Cushman’s aims. In my opinion, it always begins with love.  Your children have the greatest capacity to see through the eyes of love and share it. It will be their greatest legacy in making the world a better place.

– Arvi Balseiro