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It’s a Small World

There’s no doubt that anxiety is a mega trend in our society nationwide. I’ve seen it on trend maps for over eight years now and, sadly, it’s so prevalent in our children, even our youngest ones. As we enter the month of December when the ‘spirit’ of giving is at the forefront, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all put aside our opinions and negative thoughts of our differences and replace it with giving of ourselves. I truly believe that if we look at one another’s differing perspectives with empathetic, fresh eyes, our hearts will become more joyful and fulfilled; feelings of anxiety will be replaced with thoughts of serving others.

As our world shrinks, it can be easy to be fearful and develop opinions and bias of people very different from ourselves. Instead of allowing this to ignite anxiety, reach out to others with openness and warmth. Think of being on the ride It’s a Small World at Disney. While enjoying the ride, you forget that all of the other riders are so very different. Collectively, you appreciate the diversity of the dolls, the contrasting cultures, the varying vibrant clothing, the different languages, and…. everyone sings. If we adopted that attitude every day, the results would be amazing. And, I suspect that some anxieties would be replaced with love.

My love to all,
– Arvi Balseiro