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Five Year Reaccreditation Process

We are thrilled and proud to have just completed our reaccreditation process, which occurs on a five year cycle.  The Southern Association of Independent Schools, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the Florida Council of Independent Schools and the Florida Kindergarten Council, which are the premier associations that accredit independent schools, spent 2 ½ days on campus to ensure we met over 100 standard indicators.  The team, which consisted of ten professionals, came from various schools and colleges in Florida and other southern states to review areas related to governance, finance, health and safety, curriculum, advancement, campus life, and school culture.  At the end of the accreditation visit, the team addressed the faculty, staff, administration and the Chairman of Cushman’s Board of Trustees, and shared its ‘commendations’. Comments included the following:

  • The school has a universally understood and appreciated Mission and Philosophy. Unlike many schools, Cushman’s mission and philosophy are distinct, and few schools have such a universal understanding of their mission and philosophy.
  • There are many schools that try to be everything for everybody, and it is a hard goal to accomplish. The Cushman School clearly does just that.
  • From the Primary School through the High School, a developmentally appropriate program embraces experiential and project-based learning. The children’s social, emotional, and physical needs are met.
  • The Cushman School deserves high commendations for its attention to safety and security.
  • The Cushman School students embody the ideals of the Cushman philosophy of education, exuding a calm, happy atmosphere, as modeled by the faculty and staff.
  • The Board understands its responsibilities, works at 30,000 feet, is strategic, demonstrates great fiduciary leadership and supports the Head of School.

The Cushman School is proud to be affiliated by the associations that accredit us. While it was joyous to receive many commendations, it is always our aim to never remain stagnant and always strive to improve our practice. As we begin to look out to the next five year cycle, there is no doubt that we will demonstrate a tremendous amount of growth as was evidenced during these past five years.

– Arvi Balseiro