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Healthy Bodies/Healthy Minds

After the recent Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run where I was pleased to support our team of runners and walkers, the time is fitting to write about The Cushman School’s prioritization of daily fitness, sports and movement. It’s unfortunate that many schools are forced to eliminate physical education from their programs entirely, especially since the research showing the positive correlation between exercise and a child’s  attention in the classroom is so evident. I am determined to always remain an “active” school where both the mind and the body are cultivated through our innovative programming. 

The Cushman School’s curriculum ensures daily physical education and/or adequate recess time and/or yoga for all students. Our PE Department also develops our students’ competitive spirits through our much-loved and unique Blue and White Day competitions when the whole school comes out to play various sports and activities. These days inspire sportsmanship, camaraderie, teamwork and overall school spirit as students look forward to an end-of-school-year announcement of the team that earned the most points. 

Our second through eighth grade students also participate in the National Presidential Fitness Challenge through their PE classes. And a majority of our students are involved in our after school Athletics Program that maintains a no-cut policy while preparing them for high school athletics and beyond. Many electives, as well as after school clubs, also offer additional sports and activities on our campus, such as: ballet, Tae kwon do, golf, tennis, kidokinetics, soccer, basketball and more… It’s just so important to keep our kids moving!