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Fostering Character Building

Middle School Curriculum

Cushman’s Upper School offers a personalized character building and academically rigorous curriculum that is anchored in technology and the arts and enriched with real-life learning experiences.

We provide learning experiences that are relevant and meaningful with regular, hands-on lessons. Our small class sizes and partnerships with the surrounding, international community ensure that real “action” positively impacts education. The Cushman School’s spiraling curriculum offers a comprehensive educational journey full of enrichment, the arts, technology, physical education, exciting field trips and so much more.

Whether your student is passionate about art, science, engineering, or athletics, The Cushman Middle School is a place in which they have the resources to flourish and grow. Between the traditional morning and afternoon flag ceremonies exists a varied and dynamic curriculum taught by educators who share a passion for making a difference in the lives of their students.

Our scheduling gives students the chance to interchange between block days, during which there is a focus upon three academic classes, and period days, which allow students to rotate through all of their courses. From science and math to Latin and social studies, Middle School students are offered a technology-driven environment within which engaging simulations, interesting projects, and captivating dialogue are the norm.

Middle School Admissions

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“One of the best parts of our programming is students have the flexibility to design their own unique journey while being challenged to think about what kind of person does he/she want to be and how do they want to impact the world. After meaning core requirements, there’s tremendous opportunity from there.”

Glennda Sands, Director of Curriculum