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Developing Active Learners

Elementary School Curriculum

By melding the character curriculum with a solid academic foundation as well as our physical education and the fine arts program, the social-emotional and physical needs of the ‘whole child’ are met.

The curriculum is presented in a hands-on, project-based manner to maximize the benefits of experiential learning. Beginning in third grade, and with increasing frequency through fifth grade, students rotate among teachers for core subjects and in preparation for their middle school years ahead.

Each day, academics, art, music, physical education, Chinese and Spanish are infused with the active teaching of Cushman’s core virtues— industry, courtesy, and responsibility. These topics are enhanced by technology and seamlessly intertwined to create a unique learning experience for each student.

Elementary School Admissions

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Subject Areas

Language Arts



Science – Science Lab

Social Studies

World Languages – Spanish – Mandarin

Daily Physical Education

Performing Arts – Music, Assemblies, Oratories, Spring Play

Visual Arts




“As the saying goes, it takes a village, well Cushman is the best village ever! It’s actually a second home where everyone cares, and love is abundant – it’s family. There is no school else like it in the world.”

Traci Winn